2010 Survivors

This isn’t the first year of the One A Day Project, of course. A gaggle of dedicated bloggers, initially led by @ultrabrilliant, later by @schillingc and later still by sheer bloody-mindedness, set out last year to post something every day for a whole year. Many started. Few finished. These are the people who made it to the end of 2010 and, in some cases, are still going!

Mat Murray


Mat went the distance, posting every day in 2010 and even including a different photo with every post. His posts covered everything from video games to his impending marriage to the strains of daily writing. He also has the fastest retweet finger in the West.

Jennifer Allen


Jen’s candid blog posted a great deal about her personal feelings and frustrations, as well as thoughts on her favourite games and movies. Her posts took us on a very personal journey through her life from Jan 1st 2010 right up until Dec 31st.

Mike Grant


Mike is a writer from Bristol in the UK, and his blog frequently discusses his creative process and the tools he makes use of to perfect his art. He won’t be joining us this year but has instead resolved to write at least 1,000 words every day. Good luck to him!

Krystian Majewski


Krystian is an indie games designer, and his daily blog mostly covers the trials and tribulations of developing a game from the initial design phase up to testing and eventual release. An interesting read for any aspiring developers out there. Also, Monster Hunter.

Ian Richardson


Ian is a veteran of Staffordshire and an aspiring journalist who enjoys old war films. At the beginning of 2011, Ian’s daily blog was up to 290 posts and showing no sign of slowing down. Go show him some support as he comes into the final stretch of his year of blogging!

Ian Dransfield


Ian has joined us again for another year but was an active participant last year too, sharing his own unique brand of dry humour and grumpiness with the world. He’s really good* at Gran Turismo 5 and also writes for Play Magazine. (* in his mind, anyway)

Pete Davison


Pete’s blog last year charted the worst year of his life; from a stressful job in teaching through his continuing struggle to get a new job to the end of his marriage. He inadvertently created his own webcomic in the process and tries at least to make his misery entertaining.

3 Responses “2010 Survivors” →
  1. I AM REALLY GOOD AT GT5. The video proves it.

    Aww, I’m so proud of everyone on this little page. We’re the bestest gang ever. Until the newcomers prove they’re even better, of course.

    I think a note should be made that @Ultrabrilliant’s initial inspiration came from the comedian Richard Herring, who still posts a blog every day and has been doing for something like eight years. See: http://richardherring.com/warmingup/

    Also he’s really funny. Even funnier than me, somehow.

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