2011 Participants

Here is the current roster of people who are taking part in the One A Day Project. Aren’t they pretty?

This list will undoubtedly change over time, so check back often! Looking for someone specific? Use your browser’s Find function (Ctrl-F on PC, Cmd-F on Mac) and type in the name of whoever you’re looking for. Most people are listed under their real names, and have been added to this list in the order they joined us.

Pete Davison 


Pete is an itinerant video games writer with a stickman fetish. His daily blog features a webcomic and ramblings on all things nerdy and geeky. It also occasionally descends into ranting against society and how awful it all is. But not that often.

AJ Minotti 


AJ is an experienced podcaster and filmmaker, having worked with the ALT Project and being one of the regular hosts of the Exploding Barrel Podcast. AJ will be using a random word generator to come up with his post’s theme each day.

Daniel Lipscombe 


Dan describes himself as a “videogame journalist… apparently”, and is also quite partial to a pop tart, be that chocolate or Cheryl Cole-flavoured. He was also a participant in the 2010 One A Day event, so is a dab hand at this blogging business.

Jasmine Maleficent Rea 


Jasmine is a staff writer at Bitmob, the possessor of possibly the most difficult-to-pronounce-and-spell Twitter name of all time and will be blogging from the state of Arkansas for our pleasure. She promises this will not figure into her subject matter.

Alex Cronk-Young 


Alex is a busy bee, being a moderator at Bitmob, the founder of Cerebral Pop and The Game Inquisitor and still somehow finding time to be Paper-Man Of The Year, loving husband, father and outrageous Twitter-flirt with the biggest… heart in the business.

Sin Lee 


Sin Lee describes herself as an “unapologetic geek, retired gamer, impoverished globe-trotter, lifelong misanthrope, terrible painter, laconic conversationalist, opinionated feminist and scoleciphobic cephalopod-lover.”

Cody Winn 


Gamer and knit-cap enthusiast Cody is one of the nicest people on the Internet. He’ll be joining us a little late on January 8th, but promises that barring technical issues, he’ll be with us every day sharing his brand of wisdom and nerdery.

Sze Tho ChangSheng 


Sze Tho ChangSheng is joining us in an attempt to get back into the habit of blogging regularly, and is also keen to make use of the project for personal and professional development. An admirable goal—expressing your creativity regularly is a great way to develop yourself. Good luck!

Ashley P 


Ashley is a self-confessed nerd, gamer, girl, WIFE (in capitals) and hat thief. Her Xbox LIVE Gamertag is “A Busty Wench”, which is quite possibly the greatest Gamertag in the existence of ever. She thinks this is a cool idea and is a blogging virgin. Wish her luck!

Kit Tan 


Kit describes herself as a “happily naive young lady who secretly wishes to be a carefree and always-cooking housewife”. She is in the process of learning how to be bossy, and plans on blogging at least once a week as her contribution.

Sinan Kubba 


Sinan, who assures us he doesn’t always dress like Link, is a person who writes about the vidja games. He’ll mostly be doing that on his blog, since it’s been that way for the last three years. In the spirit of creativity, he promises to throw in some other stuff too.

Mark T. Whitney 


Mark is a freelance writer, amateur cook and certified Cajun from Louisiana who has written for a variety of publications. He’s planning on contributing weekly short stories to the project that covering a variety of genres — something a bit different from your average blog.

Andre “Drey” Monserrat 


By the time Drey got back to his vessel’s landing site, his friends were already long gone. They left behind a satchel with a Speak ‘n’ Spell, some beef jerky and a dodgy human disguise. He’s been here ever since. He promises to use his weekly blog to justify his existence.

Sam Morris 


Sam is a graphic designer, part-time football manager and maker of risottos. He participated in the early stages of the 2010 #oneaday attempt and designed the currently-dormant video game magazine site Nidzumi. He also has a stripey jersey and is one of those Twitter types.

Joe Blubaugh

http://pencilholder.tumblr.com, http://joeblu.net

Joe works as a control system programmer on the world’s largest laser system. He’ll be writing short fiction once a week on a new blog, Pencil Holder, and providing trivial entertainment and cat photos on his personal page, JoeBlu.net.



Cider attempted #oneaday last year, but the pressures of daily blogging coupled with a 12-hour a day job weren’t particularly compatible! She is passionate about many things, but her most enduring love is music. Particularly if Brandon Flowers is involved.

Debbie Timmins 


Debbie “Weefz” Timmins is a twentysomething woman starting up an Internet business in London. Her daily blog will include commentary on non-games stuff and links to her games writing on The Average Gamer. She has played a lot of MMOs and MUDs.

Chris “Cosmo” Ross 


Dad, husband, gamer — Cosmo will be writing about whatever happens each and every day. It may be the exploding diaper, it may be the exploding temper, or it may be the great indie gem he stumbled upon. Who knows? Maybe he’ll write something good. The odds favour it.

Robert Dillon 


Robert is Irish. In real life, he is a student. In Internet land, he is a hobbyist videogame journalist at MyInsideGamer. He’s a regular tweeter, Facebooker, Apple fanboy and someone who wants to blog regularly again. One A Day will surely help with that!

George Kokoris 


George’s weekly blog will provide his readers with the weekly output of a game developer with more vocabulary than self-control. It will be evenly split between sanctimonious pontification and grandiose speculative fiction. George’s stuff is always an interesting read.

Steven Henderson 


Steven plans to write about whatever sparks his interest, and comment on everything around him. This will include his hobbies of gaming, comics, movies and tech. He’s hoping that his weekly blog will help him get back to writing things more regularly.

Gemma Critchley 


Gem’s blog focuses on being positive, positivity and all things cheerful. She intends to continue along this path, but with greater frequency that she hopes to glean from taking part in the One A Day Project. Exciting times!

Ash Kendall 


Ash initially expects his posts to be about games and the gaming industry, but imagines when he hits his stride he’ll begin ranting in blog form instead of at his girlfriend. If that doesn’t convince her to motivate him, nothing will. His target is once a week, but aims to do more!

Ian Dransfield 


Ian likes fried egg sandwiches, Tizer, dogs, videogames, Swiss girls and sitting down. He is also, like Pete, a graduate of the 2010 #oneaday challenge and intending on continuing this year too. He also nagged Ash (above) into participating, so good job there.

Marco Fiori 


Marco is an average guy from London in the UK, and will be blogging about video games, cinema, photography and everything else in between on weekdays. He loves pigeons. When he’s not blogging, he’s a freelance video games writer and a full-time PR exec for Bamboo PR.

Will Anderson 


Will plans to contribute two articles or reviews over 1,000 words per week. By day, he’s a Systems Engineer specialising in complicated-sounding things with years on the end of their titles. By night, he’s a geek—aren’t we all?

Evrim Ersoy 


Evrim is a filmaholic. It might count as a job, it might just be a passion. Whatever it is, the net result is an immense love for the movies. In summary, he says, he discovers things you’ve never heard of, then writes about them. Follow Evrim to have things to talk about at parties.

Craig Constable 


Craig is a student from Hull in the North of England, studying a degree in Spanish and Translation Studies. As part of his studies, he is spending a year in Córdoba, Spain. He plans to write at least one post a week about life in Spain, culture and language, TV, music and Spanish fashion disasters.

Mitu Khandaker 


Mitu is just your average game-designing, robot-enthusing, space-loving she-nerd. She’s co-founder of a tech startup, a video games PhD researcher and also runs a charity to help the climb out of poverty. She is aiming for at least one update a week, but says to “expect more”.

Chris Schilling 


Chris took part in the 2010 #oneaday attempt for a significant proportion of time, even being our unofficial “leader” for a while, before having to bow out gracefully due to other commitments. With the increased flexibility of this year’s project, he’s back on board. He writes words about video games.



As you might expect from the name, Bungiesgirl is a 20-something girl gamer with a passion for Halo. She’ll be writing rants, sharing stories, screenshots and all manner of things Halo-related. She’ll also share a few spicy secrets if you’re really good.

Kat Ross 


Kat is 27 and claims to “not be a natural public writer”, but was inspired to join the 2011 effort by a friend who carried out the 2010 #oneaday to full completion. She enjoys reading other people’s blogs, and hopes that this project will help her let loose some creativity.

Anna Guenter-Merryweather 


Anna is Ian Dransfield’s beardier half, clinging to the memory of receiving the glory/£30 book token for the Arwin Johansson Exhibition Award for Outstanding Achievements in Middle English and desperate to write something that doesn’t start with “To whom it may concern”.

Martin Gaston 


Martin is almost on the wrong side of 24 and works as a staff writer at VideoGamer.com. He intends to use his blog as a way of expanding his day-to-day writing as well as keeping a weekly fitness journal. He has an exclamation mark fetish and a love for TWEETING IN CAPITALS.



Marcus is an expat Brit, fresh out of university and currently meandering around North America. His blog will be a thoroughly tedious blend of petty cultural misunderstandings and impenetrable anecdotes, like if Bill Bryson was a socially deficient misanthrope. He also likes video games.

Dan Pryce 


Dan is a scriptwriting graduate working at a supermarket, lying to himself that it’s research for a TV series. He’ll be blogging about all manner of things, from reviews to creative writing, as well as features he already has in place on his blog.

Mark Brown 


Mark is a freelance writer for Wired UK, Pocket Gamer and Eurogamer. He likes space, ancient history, robots, games, movies and pappy electronica. He’ll mostly be blogging about games, because he’s a big NERD. And also terrible at writing bios.

William Innes 


William claims to be a boring bloke with a job, wife, kids etc. who intends to post about films, TV, books, music and the like. He also says he’ll complain about his wife, who doesn’t understand the Interwebs, which sounds exciting. He’s a newbie blogger, so this is a new adventure for him!

Darren Tunstall 


Darren recently turned 40 and inevitably got thinking about himself and his life. He decided to try and re-awaken his neglected creative side, and is using One A Day as an incentive to get blogging regularly. He’ll be writing about music, his relationship with it, and its impact on his life.

Simon Reed 


Simon is a recent journalism graduate from the sunny South coast of England. In a so-far brief career, he’s written for Pocket Gamer, the 3DS Tribe and Geeks.co.uk. In his blog, he’ll be looking at old video games, both known and unknown.

Richard Harris 


Richard is a performance poet from Peterborough, having originally started due to his local open mic night needing extra acts. He’s also a tall yoof worker. His blog will be about being in the public sector at a time of cuts, youth work, being a rubbish gamer and recently married.

Will Templeton 


Will writes for the Daily Joypad and produces and hosts the SavyGamer podcast. He intends to post as often as possible, at least once a week, about video games for the majority of the time. He has a fondness for dashes—which is being treated medically—and a Scottish father, which is not.

Steve Robinson 


Steve plans to write at least once a week, but hopefully more often, on the subject of whatever rubbish spills out of his head. This may be moaning about his job, lamenting the state of society, or possibly stuff about heavy metal and video games.

Andy Shearer 


The most creative Andy gets these days is inventing reasons why his projects have been delayed or over budget. His daily blog will cover photography, games and C86 superstars The Wedding Present. Having lost his mother last year he is also at a point where he can write about that experience.

Stephen Adams 


Steve has been wanting to do this for a very long time and the project has given him the confidence to do so, which is awesome. His weekly blog will cover his 20-year love affair with gaming, film and his obsession with Japanese culture and language.

Jonathan Maltz 


Jonathan is a student at Rutgers (bringing some American flavor) where he studies both Computer Science and History. He likes games, rock climbing and geeking out. He’s also involved in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup. His blog will cover his quest to find new and interesting console games.

Rachel Jackson 


Rachel is a 26 year old gaming, reading corporate drone who, when she grows up, dreams of becoming an author. Or a game scenario writer. Or possible head taster at Green & Blacks. She’ll be blogging daily about gaming, books and cookery as well as ranting about wedding planning!



The enigmatic Campfire plans on writing overwrought stuff about video games, cooking, TV, moving half-way across the planet and failing to socialise. His DNA consists almost entirely of pop culture and nostalgia, and he likes chocolate, movies and video games.

Jonathan Cresswell 


After managing 56 blog posts last year, Jonathan is going to attempt to beat that by writing weekly and learning basic mathematics. His blog, “Box of Hats and Wigs”, will be a random collection of thoughts about gaming, technology, TV and stories.

Simon Paulton 


Simon likes to think of himself as “average” but that is far from the truth. He likes games, metal music, cocktails and is massively overweight. The only average thing about him is his job as a supermarket employee. His blog will often be inspired by his interactions with the love-em-hate-em public.

Keith, G6NHU 


Keith’s contribution will be a little different. He is going to attempt to have at least one contact a day via amateur radio, and he’s going to blog about it on his page at least weekly. Full details of this interesting-sounding endeavour can be found on his blog. Good luck to him!

Richie Churchill 


Richie “ViralNinja” Churchill, in his own words: “[I’ll be writing] irreverent nonsense, games industry commentary and probably some words about my passion for movies. If I stick One A Day out for more than a week, none will be more surprised than I.”

Dawn McCormack 


Dawn is a 31-year old overweight blonde ex-teacher and horse lover. She is a country girl at heart and has a difficult-to-spell username. She has many guilty pleasures, including chocolate, Pringles and Downton Abbey reruns. She has met Pete in real life.



Pelekophoros would be worth a lot of points in Scrabble if proper nouns were allowed. He’ll be doing his best to write every day but promises to write every week about online comms, games, TV and films. He may also get creative all up in our faces, too.

Andy Marsh 


Andy “DefMash” Marsh is a getting-on-in-years gamer who has recently made a massive change in his life—he’s quitting smoking after 20 years. He will be writing about his experiences and many other aspects of life, from gaming to aspirations for the future.

Phillipe Bosher 


Phillipe is a young guy with little to no real direction at the moment, and predicts his blog will quickly die after being filled with teenage angst. But he likes to think he’ll be able to fill it with interesting things, perhaps including some mini-stories.

Neil McCormick 


Neil is 36 years old, from Bangor, Northern Ireland. He plans to write about anything he feels like which, in an astounding twist for the Project’s participants, includes video games. He also likes books and films and is fond of discussing them on Twitter.

Tom Hogarth 


Tom is a senior writer for MyInsideGamer, and is terrible at blogging. Not because he has nothing to write about or doesn’t want to. He just forgets or can’t be bothered, and believes this project will help his writing and determination. He’ll be writing about games, work, university and life.

Catherine Woolley 


Catherine works full time in the games industry as a designer. She also helps run GamerCast.net, co-hosts their podcast and keeps millipedes. She’s had her blog since 2004 and intends to provide us with daily updates about gaming, films and cooking. And millipedes.

Lee Bradley 


Lee has written words for TVGB, Play.TM, Gamasutra, GameSetWatch, Eurogamer, SPOnG, Playboy, Resolution and GamingUnion. Despite this, he’s still a bit shit. He’ll be writing about all manner of stuff, from popular culture to reflections on life.

Alicia Blogs 


Alicia in her own words: “Hey there, my name is Alicia and my blog is more a lifestyle blog. I blog about food, cooking, traveling, events, day to day life, random nerdy stuff, shopping and more. I want my readers to get a real sense of who I am so I am always honest and try to keep things light.”

Faye Sargent 


By day, Faye is Ms Corporate, but by night she is a Crafty Girl with a passion for sewing, embroidery and cross-stitch. She’s recently embarked on Mission: Weight Loss and intends to blog her decreasing waistline, her ever-growing craft projects and make use of her MA in Screenwriting.

Laura Jane Vickers 


Laura Jane knows herself well: she’s not great at keeping to one topic, so she’s come up with a daily routine. Monday is Worthy Cause day. Tuesday is films/books. Wednesday is other blogs. Thursday is a feature. Friday is food/wine. Saturday is foodie/wine websites. Sunday is Wildcard Day!

Dan Simpson 


Dan is a customer services advisor who likes films, alternative music and American trashy TV and hates his Hertfordshire hometown. He is hoping to spend a month in the USA, get a McJob and start a PGCE to become a primary teacher. He will be writing about this. And complaining a lot.

Emma Greatorex 


Emma Greatorex is a 19 year old Journalism student at the University of Lincoln. She writes about anything exciting, things that catch the eye and thoughtful memories. She’s also definitely one of the two people in this photo. Can you guess which one?

Adam Englebright 


A creature whose true name is “Anung Un Rama” (The Beast of the Apocalypse) summoned in the final months of World War II… or possibly a student, lazy games journalist and inveterate loudmouth who tried this last year and failed. He’ll be writing weekly for our pleasure.

Charlotte Reid 


Charlotte fancied joining us, but as she is supposed to be busy being a third year student, opting to write more words on top of her dissertation sounded like lunacy. So she’s going to take pretty, interesting photos for us every day instead.

Ciaran Watkins 


Ciaran is 23 from Manchester. He plans to update at least once a day for the whole year, in written, photo and video formats. He’ll be using his blog as a creative advertising showcase in the hope someone like Dave Trott will like him so much he’ll make Ciaran the creative director of everything.

Pete Fraser 


Pete is a freelance musician, arranger and teacher from London. Despite his many exciting professional engagements, he seems to end up writing about the mundaneness of day to day life, things he’s cooked and other inconsequentialities. He intends writing daily whenever he’s able to.

Andy Payne 


Andy loves reading and writing, admires all sorts of creativity and above all wants to see the UK’s cultural relevance continue to define and enrich the nation. He will be writing about many things, including his quest to ensure the UK’s ability and talent to create brilliant video games is never wasted.

Stephen Moore 


Stephen is almost certain he doesn’t have one fully formed and interesting thought per day, but predicts he’ll probably be complaining about the evil UK government at least a couple of times a week. Viva la revolución! Possibly. He likes tea and, in all likelihood, stilton.



Grace is 24 and lives in Worcester, UK with a bit of a crazy life. She’ll be writing about her many adventures and the issues that touch her life such as the LGBT community and mental health. She’ll also be blogging about some new projects and her quest for a permanent job.

John Byrne 


John hails from Carlisle and promises to write daily posts for us on the subject of his daily happenings, sports and reminiscences. He’s a big football fan and blogged prolifically on the subject during the World Cup 2010.

Fadeout7 (and one huge penis)


Fadeout7 works full time in the NHS and also started a 3 year part-time MSc course last year, so his updates will be sporadic but as regular as possible. He has creative inclinations (and one huge penis) and hopes he can express that through blogging. The creative inclinations, not the huge penis.

Paddy Lewis 


With blogging experience that extends to the lofty peaks of “I-did-a-bit-of-this-a-while-ago”, Paddy will be tackling the One A Day leviathan with a grumble and a sigh for your reading displeasure. He will use words and letters to moan and swear a bit about everything. Bet you can’t wait.

Omar J Peters 


Omar is a graduate student studying Urban/City Planning in New York. He loves cities and tech and plans to write his daily blog posts on random or interesting cities—bios of cities, or interesting technology stories that relate to cities and how we live in them.

Richard Austin 


Richard heard about the One A Day Project through a friend last year. He’s decided that as he has an interesting year ahead of him that he’s going to attempt to chronicle it on a daily basis. He promises the “ramblings and mumblings of a 30+ workaholic”.



Gearheart writes poems and songs and doesn’t know how long they’re going to last. “Unassuming, and wings of a background print, this is observation, or at most the wringing out of guys on nights that sleep is the last thing on the mind, for this is avoidance, or the least I can do.”

Cameron Pershall 


Cameron previously used his site, 72 Pins, as a place to write about video games. But since he wants to write every day, he’ll be expanding that considerably. From now on, he’ll be straying into other areas of interest, like music, philosophy and cranky social commentary.

Slick Nick 


Nick writes very short film reviews for the most part. He also writes about old pop music that isn’t very good. He writes CV tips inspired by the idiots that are looking for work in his day job. And he mocks reality TV because he hates it.

Sean Judge 


Sean is a fledgling stand-up comedian from Maidstone, Kent, UK. He’s also a comedy writer and long-time gamer. He hopes to blog once a day about 80s childhood nostalgia, games, retro cartoon/film reviews as well as his attempt to find a new job and lose a significant amount of weight.

Mark Fraser 


Mark is an aspiring writer of sorts (aren’t we all?) and wants to juggle his creativity with current academic pursuits. He hopes to write about what inspires him in day to day like in “The Week Smoke” of Glasgow, as well as occasional prose, poetry and photos.

Allison Yeoh 


Allison is a mystery and a puzzle, one that is worthwhile and fun solving. She is also a lifestyle blogger who mostly writes about fashion and everyday happenings in her life. She’s aiming for 2-3 updates per week for our reading pleasure.

Miss Copsey 


Miss Copsey is new to blogging. She’s an excellent procrastinator, keen reader and avid Bikram Yogi, completing 332 sessions last year. Her blog will chart her journey with yoga along with daily life, work, surroundings and things she finds amusing.

Alex Mills 


Alex is a content manager for Zune Music in the UK, and also a keen guitarist and active participant of the UK punk/hardcore scene. His blog will be musings on his interests and hopes that posting daily will keep him committed to writing half-decent, interesting things.



PurpleBeetleWings is going to write about their creative aspirations, and possibly the stress levels of a secret double life… A double life as what? A purple beetle, perhaps? You’ll have to read on to find out, but we bet you’re interested now, huh?

Calin Grajko 


Calin is primarily into media critiques, but will also no doubt write about his personal life and silly shit like that. It’s also inevitable, he says, that some of these posts will end up being about language, linguistics and his ridiculously comprehensive knowledge of  English literature.

Amy Walker 


Amy participated in the #365 project last year (like One A Day, but with photos). This year, she has a cunning plan to stay on top of it and her growing photography work—she’s going to take pictures using her iPhone and the popular Hipstamatic app to post on her blog.

Jennifer Taylor 


Jennifer is a cynical kind of person, originally from Essex in the UK, now in Kent. In her daily blog, she’ll be writing about day-to-day life, personal angst, video games, photography and finding herself. She enjoys Lego, animals, gaming and crafts.

Remy Helms 


Remy will be drawing any interesting thing she happens to take a liking to, once a week. She tried a one-a-day drawing blog last year but quickly lost time for it, so once a week works better for her. She can’t promise she won’t draw a cat every week, though.



Emil, auf Deutsch: “Oh—ich schreibe über die alltäglichen Kenigkeiten ebenso wie über die große Politik. Ich bleibe als Lebenskünstler beim Thema meines Blogs: Gedacht | Geschrieben | Erlebt | Gesehen. Und als Mann mit 47 Jahren habe ich viel gesehen, unter anderem zwei Systeme.”

Steven Wright 


Steve attempted to busy himself with writing in 2010, working for a number of sites and attempting last year’s #oneaday project, which he failed. He wants another shot at glory. Expect natter on life, gaming, music and film. The usual, really.

Daniel Ward 


Daniel is setting himself some real goals this year, on top of starting the year with a new job he’s sick of being all work and very little else. His weekly blog is a way of keeping on top of all the new things he’s going to be doing, and we get to come along for the ride, too.

Suriel Vazquez 


Suriel likes playing games and writing about them. He even writes about other things sometimes. He’s a regular contributor at Bitmob, and believes there’s something to be said for “writing like no-one is watching”—writing for the sake of writing.

Dan Young 


Dan is an artist and has already been making a painting and blogging about it every day since November 2008. It might sound obsessive… and it is! It began as a way of forcing him to do the thing he loves to do: paint. And what do you know, it worked!

Ruth Bradley


Ruth is a primary school teacher in north London. She is also the wife of fellow One A Day-er Lee Bradley. Armed with her spangly new camera she hopes to document each day of 2011 with a photo, creating a picture book of her year.

David Mosbon 


David, a former writer for Caught in the Crossfire and Ripten, and a student of the OU, is mainly going to post about video games. He will also be covering other areas of entertainment throughout his “weekdays-only” blog. Fun fact: he’s our first participant to use the excellent SquareSpace platform.

Careen Quinn 


Careen, whose profile picture had the most offensive filename we’ve ever seen (good job!), is going to write about things she gets up to on a day to day basis, the things weighing on her mind, what she thought about a TV show or film and what she’s learned recently.

LM Towton 


LM Towton is the collective mind of a writing partnership, half of which is based in Nottingham and the other in Essex. The blog will detail the progress of the books and other projects as well as the odd random subject, event or possibly sarcastic musing.

Linda Thomsen-Jones 


Linda is a gaming and gadget-loving Danish generation 74 gamer girl who somehow ended up in Liverpool. She’ll write about anything and everything—probably games, inspiration for handmade items and her resolution to get fit for 2011—or if she fails, lack of fitness.

Parker Scott 


Parker will mostly be sticking to video games, but the requirement of being creative at least once a week means he’ll have to stretch his creative muscles sooner or later. He’s a freshman in college and 18 years old, so once a week fits his schedule perfectly.

Rob Thomas 


Rob runs Crush! Frag! Destroy!, hosts their podcast, complains on Twitter, and does various freelance write-y things. He hopes One A Day’s crushing guilt will motivate him to update his idle blog. Still, I wouldn’t expect him to post anything too exciting. He’ll probably just rant about his rats.

Robert Malkin 


InkItOut is a catalogue for Robert’s creative works. He’ll be updating his blog on a regular basis with illustrations and web comics including projects and commissions he is working on. He intends to update every weekday at the very least.

Michelle Sutton 


Michelle is a little bit neurotic, a lot sarcastic and a chronic insomniac. She’s also (possibly… probably) a geek, but a sporty one. She’s an artist and amateur photographer, so she’s going to explore this new-found “serious” aspect of her brain, along with musings on her other interests.

Chris Marshman 


Chris will be posting a picture of himself every day as he attempts to document some changes he’s trying to make. Once he gets more used to it, he’ll be adding his favourite songs, a breakdown of his day and “feelingz”. Interesting stuff, ay?

Andrew Paterson 


Andrew describes himself as “Powerpoint, Patronsaint, Trans-Pennine Express and Air Max” and would like to make it clear that all opinions expressed are etc etc. He will be writing about lots of things in a (succinct) manner.

Beth Anderson 


Beth is our first participant to sign up using the Posterous platform. She’s joining to get some motivation to draw, even when she doesn’t really want to. She’s aiming to do at least one drawing a day and post the results for our viewing pleasure on her site.

Jeff Grubb 


Jeff is mostly going to write about silly things, and maybe a rant or two. Hopefully his work will be important one day in the posthumously published “Collected Works of Jeffrey Michael Grubb”. He’ll probably talk about his poo once a week, though.

Michelle Lasley 


Michelle is a part-time stay-at-home mom, wife, community advocate-leader and consummate volunteer from the Pacific Northwest.. She writes about how she balances these desires and activities with the everyday needs her family has.

Zach Egolf 


Zach is a photography enthusiast, just starting out in freelance. His current projects include photo columns for Owings Mills Patch and on Flickr. He plans posting daily, save for a 3-week hiatus at the end of June so he can participate in a thing called a “wedding”.

Gareth Hedges 


Gareth has kept a number of blogs before but has always let them fall by the wayside. He hopes daily posting will motivate him to keep this one updated, and he looks forward to figuring out exactly what he’s going to write about as he goes along!

Jacob Barker 


Jacob will be writing about things he sees and things he thinks… which largely involve football and computer games. He also has a desire to leave his current profession in financial market research and get into writing or game design.

Carolyn Tauber 


Carolyn was in a long term relationship from February 2004 until October 2010. She was fairly dependent on her ex, and since they split up she has been learning how to be on her own and just be “her” again. Her blog charts her journey to move on and have fun with her life.

Count Vardulon 


The spectacularly-titled Count Vardulon is writing a genre film/pop culture blog, and sees the One A Day Project as the ideal community-based way to get his productivity up to a level it really ought to be at. So go show him some support with some views and comments!



Lyndacuba is a Bikram yoga “bunny” who loves cooking and learning Spanish. She enjoys microblogging but hopes to expand on that for the purposes of the One A Day Project. She anticipates at least one more substantial entry per week.

Elana Moylette 


Elana is a firm exponent of the theory that if life hands you lemons and you don’t like lemonade, then you damn well better learn to juggle. She has plenty to say on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from the things she’s feeling about life to poetry and songs.

Luke Burroughs 


Luke is a graphic designer; his dream is to find a job in editorial design. He likes to dabble at writing reviews on the media he can get his charcoal-dirtied hands on. He’s also interested in analysing designers and design movements.

Gail C


Gail has two special needs children, the eldest of whom is in the process of undergoing an autism assessment. She blogs daily as a personal journal, and when she gets the chance and/or the mojo, she turns her virtual pen to creative writing also.

Dan Friel 


Dan is one of many people that Ian Dransfield convinced to sign up. He doesn’t think he’s very creative, but he likes to get things out of his head onto “paper”. He hopes to write down interesting new things he’s learned each day.

Ian Potter 


Ian is one half of PK Perspective, a half-blog, half-photography site where they take fantastic shots and share with the world how they did it. They also provide free stock images to local businesses in exchange for a link to their site. They’re aiming for at least weekly updates.

James Baron 


James recently graduated with a Diploma in Architecture, and his blog will be mostly based on this subject, along with more general design topics. He hopes to update daily, barring important interviews and new jobs! Quality over quantity, right?

Aron Baker 


Aron has a deep and irrational love for music of all type, and games, and a bit of TV. He’s also a grumpy old sod who hates other drivers, ignorance, stupidity and textspeak. And footballers. Oh, and “reality” TV and celebrities. Expect grumpiness and chuckles.

Vinesh Pomal 


Vinesh is a final year postgrad Architecture student at Portsmouth University, UK with a project set in Mallorca redeveloping a historic site. His blog will be about all things related to this, architecture, photography, design and food.

Tom Throp 


Tom’s blog is updated twice weekly with reviews of games and films on Wednesdays, and a travel writing blog on Saturdays. He will also cover his adventures in filmmaking, gaming, theological debates about time, God and “stuff”, responsible adulthood and his badass girlfriend.

William Stephen 


William is a self-confessed geek who loves video games, meaning he’ll fit right in with many of the rest of us. He’ll write video game reviews and his general thoughts on various game-related topics at least once a geek. Erm, week.

Michelle K 


Michelle is challenging herself to write something interesting, maybe witty, every day with a lovely pic to make her blog aesthetically pleasing. She doesn’t always have access to a computer and her phone can’t blog, though… so be nice if she has a few absentee days!

Mandy Clark 


Mandy is a mum of 3 who keep her very busy! She’s wanted to blog for a while and hopes the One A Day Project will spur her on. She enjoys photography, creative arts, cycling, historic buildings and spending time with the special people in her life.

Dave Scarborough 


Dave is a freelance games journalist, featured in Empire, FHM, Official PlayStation, 360 Gamer and more. He thought a One A Day blog would be a good way to rant and moan about things. He hopes it will be interesting and funny.

Duane Weatherall 


Duane is a 26 year old nerd, geek, otaku, whatever you want to label it. He’s an “amateur journalist”, which means he doesn’t get paid to run BitParade. He’ll be blogging about family life, gaming, anime, TV and comics, interests he shares in common with plenty of other participants.

Brittany Vincent 


Brittany Vincent is an aspiring video game journalist, though you may be more familiar with her pen name, Molotov Cupcake. As a gamer of 18+ years, she routinely eviscerates virtual opponents, tempts fate by approaching wayward Zoloms and hides her valuables from Gimme Cats.

Jen Williams


Jen is a wine drinking, travel loving twentysomething girl living in London and working for an international development charity. She hopes her blog will inspire her to dream more, do more and achieve more before the dreaded 3-0!

Mary Jo Cartledgehayes


Mary Jo Cartledgehayes is a writer, artist and public speaker in Louisville, Kentucky. She’s writing a poem a day based on the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, as you all know) and is captivated by it. She also likes talking about writing and imaginary blue squirrels.

Andy Kelly 


Andy is a Scottish writer and journalist who describes himself as an “eloquent grump”. He frequently haunts Twitter and Reddit, and is also one of the original organisers and participants of 2010’s #oneaday effort. It’s great to see him back on the blogging train.

Jazz English 


The name’s English. Jazz English. He’s got a year ’til he’s legal and a whole lot of ideas, largely influenced by his age, his philosophy class and his practice of Zen Buddhism for the last year. He promises us “articulated thoughts from a viewpoint you might not come across every day”, writes in a heavy robe and drinks tea.

The Creative Panic 


The Creative Panic is Ben Hood. It is also the repository of his “One a Day” Project allowing him to escape the creative bounds of running his own design agency. Just one image drawn within 20 minutes every day for a year… easy, yeah?!

19 Responses “2011 Participants” →
  1. Good luck people!

  2. Oh my God there’s millions of us.

  3. Too late to sign up??!!! Please!!

  4. Do you have a waiting list in case people drop out? I’d like to be on it. I’m writing a poem a day (or perhaps they’re structured essays) structured on the Fibonacci Sequence. I’m content to wait as long as it takes — while wishing the best to all of those participating. Mary Jo

  5. Hey!

    Cool site… I’ve just started a One a Day Project and because of how I tagged my images I found this sie through WP… SWEET! 🙂

    Anyway, Im a designer by trade and to escape the limits of paid work Im knocking out one drawing (of anything and everything) every day (eight done so far). The only constraint is the drawing should take no longer than 20 minutes. Would love to be added to this list if and when that’s possible.


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