Keith, G6NHU: Days 3,4 and 5

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Day #3 started off well with a QSO just a few seconds into the day to R7DX (what a great callsign), Alex who is around 1,800 miles away in Russia.  I worked him on 40m and the band was wide open but I was very tired and went to bed straight after.   Later on that day I had another QSO on 17m to follow on from my first ever 17m contact the day before and 28MHz was open for a while on the same day so I also worked EA4EUI, Frank in Madrid and another Russian, Vitaly, RU9WR.  I did hear a station in Zimbabwe on 28MHz and although I called him, he was very weak and he wasn’t able to get my callsign.

On day #4 I had a very quick QSO on 40m before I went to work in the morning with Z36T, Al in Macedonia and then in the evening it was the first of the 144MHz UKAC contests in 2011 where I operated as G0PKT for the Martello Tower Group and had around 40 QSOs. Even though I wasn’t using my own callsign, I reckon these contest contacts count as valid QSOs towards the QSO365 project (not that they were needed today but it’s good to set the ground rules early on).

Day #5 was almost my downfall.  I’d hate to fail this early in the project but although I had a quick tune around the bands before I went to work, I was running a little late and so didn’t work anyone.  After work I went straight to Enfield where I met up with members of the Hadley Wood Contest Group and I didn’t get home until 23:40.  As soon as I got in, I fired up the wireless and managed to have a chat with IZ8TDP, Genny in Napoli on 40m.  This was cutting it really fine though and it’s not a situation I want to find myself in again.  In future, if there’s a chance that I won’t be home until late then I’ll try and either have a QSO before I leave for work or make sure I manage to talk to someone from the car on the drive to or from work.

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