Keith, G6NHU: Days 35, 36 and 37 – A great ‘radio’ weekend

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Day #35 was Friday and after work I had a quick word with Andy, IZ1MHQ on 40m. Later that evening I had a tune around on 80m and heard a really strong signal coming from HE3OM in Switzerland. It was a club station and I worked them and discovered that they were operating from Sottens at the site of a recently decommissioned shortwave broadcast station which was switched off at the end of December 2010. The aerial they were using was 188 metres high which explains why they were such a strong signal. If you’re interested, you can read more about it here.

On day #36 I started off by working a couple of contest stations on 20m before switching over to 40m in the evening. I often chat to Scotty, M6OZI via IRC and he mentioned that he was working Hans, GM4SSA so I listened in and although I couldn’t hear Scotty, Hans was a very strong signal from the Shetland Isles so I called him after he finished with Scotty and we had a chat for a few minutes. After that I worked OZ8IE, Svend on Bornholm Island on 80m and then later I finished off the evening with another couple of contest QSOs, also on 80m.

The contest stations I worked on day #36 were:

20m: UA5A, RW1CW
80m: S57DX, LY7M

I also started building the MKARS80 kit I was kindly given for Christmas but I got as far as fitting a handful of resistors when I realised that perhaps I should print out the instructions and checklists so that I could tick things off as I did them so I put it all away again.


MKARS80 80m transceiver in very early stages of construction

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