Keith, G6NHU: Radio improvements – Tweaking things to make them better

Posted on February 9, 2011 by


I like things to work well. I like to tweak the best possible performance out of equipment and as such I’ll look into what I can do to make things better and do it. I’m not counting my current HF aerial in this as that was just thrown up at the spur of the moment although the fact that I’m planning on replacing it does show that I’m keen to improve things.

For example, when I did some aerial work on my VHF station last year, I wanted the best possible and practical coax so I used EcoFlex 15 from the output of my linear into the masthead pre-amp and then rather than use RG213 from the radio to the linear and the output of the pre-amp, I used short runs of EcoFlex 10. Each length only gives a marginal improvement but as far as I’m concerned, all these small improvements add up to a better system.

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