Keith, G6NHU: Days 38, 39 and 40 – How bad can 80m be?

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Day #38 started off well. It was the second round of the RSGB SSB 80m Club Championship and I’d planned on operating for the 90 minutes and attempting to beat my score of 30 QSOs from last month.  In order to get nicely warmed up, I called CQ on the band an hour or so before the start and had a very nice conversation with Davy, MM0KBT over in Galloway, western Scotland for fifteen minutes or so before I signed to go and have my evening meal.  Before I could go I was called by Mike, F5VIG in central Brittany and we spoke for a few minutes before I left.    When I returned at just before 20:00 for the contest start I was amazed at what had happened to the band.  It was dead, completely and utterly dead.  Conditions had changed dramatically in that half hour and once the clock ticked over to 20:00 I started tuning around.  I could only hear two stations, G3SNU and G0DVJ and I worked them both in quick succession.  Twenty minutes later I just made out G4FTP in the noise and worked him and then I struggled with F6FTB another fifteen minutes later.  By this time it was around 20:45 and I’d had four QSOs!  There was no chance of me beating my score from the previous month and so I decided to find a clear frequency and call CQ for a while.  Finding a clear frequency was easy and so I started calling CQ.

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