Keith, G6NHU: Days 43, 44 and 45 – The birth of radar

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I found day #43 quite difficult, there was a big contest taking place, the Dutch PACC contest and every single station I heard was calling CQ contest.  The idea is to work as many Dutch stations as possible and I didn’t realise this to start with so I called and worked EA5DFV in Spain and YO3CZW and YO9WF, both in Romania and all three on 20m before I realised.  They were all very polite and gave me a signal report but I hadn’t realised that my QSOs wouldn’t be valid for points and I’m not sure I’ll have been written in their logs.  I wish that there was a similar contest where only UK stations are valid for points and that the whole world is out looking for us.  Later in the day I switched to 80m and gave points to PI4FRG, PA4AR, PA7MM, PA4JJ, PI4D and PI4AMF in the contest.

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