Keith, G6NHU – Solar flares and new countries worked

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I’d just arrived at work on day #49 when my mobile phone rang, it was Yan, M0YNK with exciting news.  He’d just arrived outside his work QTH and had noticed that 10m was a little lively.  In fact it was more than a little lively as I could hear in the background, it was very lively and I was sure I could hear an Australian accent.  A few seconds later that was confirmed as we heard the callsign.  Yan called him and had a reply first time!  The station he was talking to was in Tasmania, the island to the south of Australia.  I think I was as excited as Yan was and was desperate to get home to see if conditions had held open until the evening.  Sadly they hadn’t and so I had a QSO with HB9DCO, Art on 80m and then Yan and I had a conversation later on 10m.  Finally I heard and worked a special event station, HB10K who was blessed with one of the worst operators I think I’ve ever heard.  The pileup he had wasn’t huge but he insisted on transmitting over the top of practically everyone he worked.  He’d pick up a callsign, return with an automatic “five nine” and then when the other station replied giving their report, he’d already be calling CQ again on top of them.  This even happened when there was no queue of stations waiting to work him.  I wasn’t impressed at all.

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