F is for Faye: 65. In Praise of Professor Brian Cox

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I love Professor Brian Cox. PBC. I have to call him his full official title of Professor Brian Cox. And I don’t love him in a ravishing sort of way, but more in an “I want him to come for tea and talk to me about space and science” sort of way.

He is unashamedly passionate about what he does, which is amazing and inspiring. Both Wonders of the Solar System, and this evening’s first episode of Wonders of the Universe leave me astounded about what is going on around us.

A lot of it leaves me baffled and I have to rewind the TV or have Andy explain it to me again. I definitely don’t have a scientific brain, but if I was a child I’d be straight into school tomorrow and learning everything I could about physics and the solar system and space.

I also think he’s brilliant for this video:

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