Picks of the Week: Week 9

Posted on March 6, 2011 by


Let’s have a rummage, shall we? Incidentally, if you were curious, there are now well over a thousand posts on this site alone, and not everyone participating has been cross-posting here from their own pages, either! That’s one hell of a lot of awesome stuff to read and everyone involved hopes you’ve been enjoying what we’ve produced so far. 9 weeks in and many of our bloggers are still going strong. Keep ’em motivated by chucking a few quid our way at the JustGiving page, or giving us a few clicky-clicks on the SocialVibe thingy. Thanks.

Anyway, to business. What’s been good this week?

F is for Faye told us all about something I’ve certainly never heard of, which is a spa where you appear to get eaten by fish.

This week’s Spotlight blog from Sinan “Shoinan” Kubba has some great advice for aspiring games journalists—and writers in general, for that matter—which is to listen to editors and take criticism on the chin.

CampfireBurning has a lengthy and evocative fairy tale to share with you that’s well worth a read.

Catherine Woolley had an impressive collection of retro games at the age of 17 that she’d like to show off and give a middle finger to a certain YouTube user.

Mark Fraser’s poem about Living Room Warfare paints a vivid picture of a familiar site in many houses around the world today.

And Charlotte Reid’s been playing the new Pokémon games but took a moment out for a quick photo illustrating the history of the Nintendo DS, a handheld more popular than a really popular thing that is super-addictive and delicious.

This week’s Pick, though, has to go to an entry posted just before this entry was written, and that’s a piece by one of our weekly bloggers, Darren Tunstall’s “They Always Play Love Songs When You’re Far Away”. This is an intensely personal piece that is full of genuine emotion. Darren’s showed a lot of courage in sharing it and doubtless went back and forth quite a bit on whether to actually post it. So get it while it’s hot.