AJ’s Word a Day: Sitting

Posted on March 7, 2011 by


Sitting is great! It let’s you take a load off. Cop a squat. Kick back. Park your keister. Veg. Etc.

Then there’s all the great places to sit. The floor. A chair. A couch. Shotgun. The bed. On a horse.

In fact, if you combined all the different ways you could sit with all the various sitting postures (straight, slumped, half cheeked, and more!), you will find that there is no less than 34,526,359 ways to sit. Assuming the average life expectancy of 67.2 years (or 24,528 days), that means you’d have to sit 1,407.63 times each day to experience them all! It just can’t be done!

So cherish all of your sits. Thank your ass for letting your legs have a break. Reward it with its favorite ass groove in your favorite couch. It can be a very uplifting experience. *badum psshhh*


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