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Things are a little different with this particular update, I’ve had no internet access this weekend, so to keep on top of things I still typed something and have then posted all three to my blog today.

First up, I discuss the mature nature of some comic books, and by mature I don’t mean tackling sex and violence like some people seem to think “mature” means (just look at the games industry), but mature in the sense that certain books can actually use their format to tell a story that could be written as a novel rather than a comic book.

Read “#oneaday Don’t judge a book by its stereotype” at Wannabe Otaku.

Next up, and this was supposed to be posted yesterday, is yet another Retro Review. I’ve decided to cover that odd little PlayStation game Incredible Crisis, just for a bit of a laugh as I needed a change of scenery from my games, even if it was just for a couple of hours.

#oneaday Retro Review: Incredible Crisis

Lastly, continuing on from Fridays post about Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, I discuss what I’d like to see from its second series now that I’ve finished off watching the first (and might I add mostly pretty damn good) series.

#oneaday One complex down, onto the next


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