Gemma Critchley: I did it all for the gnocchi

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On Saturday I made gnocchi from scratch, for the first time.

I was surprised to learn that it’s basically boiled balls of mashed potato with egg and flour, but hey; every day’s a school day as They say. It actually ended up being a bit sloppier in texture than I would have liked, so if anyone has any tips on how that can be avoided, that’d be greatly appreciated.

For now, I can cross gnocchi off my ‘to cook’ list and move onto my next culinary challenge, Greek cuisine. I don’t know if anyone reading this ever went to that amazing Greek deli on Hunter’s Bar roundabout in Sheffield, but if you did you’ll know exactly the kind of food I’m going to make.

greedy greek deli sheffield

Dolmades, moussaka, hoummous, olives (obvz won’t make those), and anything with Feta or Halloumi cheese. Any recipe suggestions are welcome as I don’t currently have a Greek cookbook.


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