F is for Faye: 67. The Census

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The census arrived in the post yesterday. And I’m actually really excited about it.

About a year ago, Andy’s Gran asked us to research her family history. She’s had a bit of a complicated life and never really knew who she was or where she’d come from. We signed up to Ancestry.co.uk and started trying to unpick her relatives past. We managed to find out quite a lot and traced some of her relatives back to the mid-1700s. It was lovely to tell her about her family’s past.

Similarly, my Mum’s been researching our family tree for years. She’s discovered relatives in America and Canada, and has found the graves of relatives in the Church where me and Andy are getting married next year. We’ve looked into the history of the house our flat is in and found that it was owned by a very wealthy gentleman at the turn of the century, with his four or five children, and two servants.

We wouldn’t have been able to find half the information out about Joan’s relatives, or my own, without previous census’. I read some comments on this BBC article yesterday and it appears that a lot of people aren’t happy about it. It made me really sad to see that some people aren’t bothered about sharing their present so that future generations can discover their own history. Yes, some of the questions are a little bit intrustive, but the previous census’ had questions for women such as how many children have you had, how many are alive now and how many are deceased. In an age where the most dangerous part of life was childhood, it’s not a particularly pleasant question to have to answer.

Anyway, fill in your census. And don’t put Jedi either.

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