Gemma Critchley: Chicks rule the Internet

Posted on March 8, 2011 by


In Celebration of my fellow ladies and International Women’s Day, here’s a nice little infographic showing that girls rule and boys do, in fact, drool. Or at least they aren’t as prolific when it comes to the useage of various social media channels.

Why do you think this is?

girls rule the internet, international women's day 2011

This infographic is taken from one of my favourite websites, Information Is Beautiful. It actually talks about data from 2009 so this may have changed quite a lot in recent months but I still thought it was quite interesting, especially considering that Digital seems to be quite a male-dominated world. Even though I find this interesting, I’m not one to perpetuate stereotypes and I don’t like to harp on about feminism as I think clinging onto inequalities between men and women just enhances them. But I’m still immature enough to go ‘ner ner, girls are best’.

Because we are.*

*May or may not be tongue in cheek.

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