AJ’s Word a Day: Diversity

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They saw them coming from the horizon.

“Captain, enemy ship sighted, sir!”

“Arm the guns!”

The old wood creaked as the wheelman brought her hard to port. The crew worked like a well oiled machine. Within seconds, each cannon had a fresh shot loaded, each cannon crew was at the ready.

The enemy ship came upon them, it’s crew scrambling to prepare its assault. But it would all be for naught. Those Confederate dogs would find no quarter.

The captain of the enemy ship peered through his spyglass. He could not believe what he saw. It was the USS Diversity herself. Part of him wanted to turn around on the spot, but he knew it was too late for such action. No. All he could do now was muster his courage and lead his men to whatever end they would meet that day.

Back on the diversity, the captain waited for the opportune moment.



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