Lights at Lednock

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Glen and Loch Lednock Friday 4th March 8pm- ish

Ian decided that another night shoot was called for so after rushing around most the day and managing to shove some food down my neck I met up with him and Darryl and we headed out back of yonder to Glen and Loch Lednock at the back of Comrie. When we got there the place was deserted and the stars were out, but as there was no moon the place was pitch black, thankfully we remembered our torches. We set up cameras down by a nice falls just above the Loch with the stars shinning away happily overhead. With tripods left in there places we sat down on the grassy hillside and watched the stars disappear as clouds lazily rolled in over them. EEEK! so much for star trails.

We waited a few mins to see if they would pass and to try and figure out what the odd light moving on the other side of this remote Loch was. The light was strong and bright and bounced back off of the clouds overhead. Very odd. Then giving up on the hiding stars we went back to the car park and decided to play around with the torches and flashes with different gel colours. Using long shutter speeds and flashes or torches behind a solitary figure (Darryl) we got some good ghostly silhouettes. So the boys being boys decided to set up a light fight with Darryl blasting himself. Using the different colours of flashes and Darryl standing for long period of times in set positions, Ian lit him up and by running back and forth and circling the lights created a light blast. Then on a 2nd shot Darryl did his being hit pose and again Ian lit him up with the various flashes. I put these 2 shots together in photoshop by cloning one into the other and fine tuning the overlaps by erasing the 2nd layer (which the cloned image was on) and also using the healing tool once the layers were flattened, to blur it a bit around some edges. Creating the finished photo (below). A bit of hard work on the computer but worth it I think!

Darryl destroying himself with a mighty blast!

Ian then went on to light up his car with the cornucopia of flash gels we had. While Darryl ate his make shift shutter release button and took very few photos, though he was a very good participating model for the light shots. As we were finishing off we saw the odd beam of light get closer and closer and for some reason I was put on guard to keep an eye on the road, typical men, leave the girl to face the unknown! Soon the light was heading up our road and straight for us where it transpired to be a local in a Land Rover with a very big spotlight who was out lamping (shooting foxes, which I have to say I don’t agree with!). He was very nice and told us that due to kids coming up and drinking etc at the Loch and causing damage at night that the gate was usually locked further down the road, and it was only open because he was out. Struggling to fathom why kids would come so far out to mess around we said we would lock the gate behind us when we went back down the road. So it was not what we had expected for our shoot and didn’t do so good on the star trails, but it was a good, fun night and we got some great abstract shots, even if we didn’t see an UFO after all!

Long shutter and a few flash gun flashes turn Darryl into a ghost

What I discovered on this shoot was how much torchlight is actually needed to bring objects into a shot when you are in complete darkness. A lot! A helluva lot!

I was shooting in bulb mode and had to drop my aperture from f10 to f4.5 just to make the light from the torch have any effect. My first frame was comletely black except for the light from Sarah’s camera which I didn’t even realise was in my frame.

I had visions of an epic photograph of the water (which would be lit by torch) and really long star trails above it, mainly as I had intended to leave the camera sitting for about 45 minutes doing its thing. After just 10 minutes, the sky had a different plan which involved a cloud coverage en-mass.

Not a lot came of this shoot from the photo side of things (from my point of view) but it was a lot of fun!

Torch lit falls

Torch lit falls

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