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I work for a company that sells shoes. It started out as a part time job through uni, but now it’s more full-time and paying my rent. Isn’t that how it always happens? I’d whinge, but I actually love my job when it doesn’t stress me to tears. I am not going to tell you which company I work for, but here’s a hint. It’s not Schuh.

Why am I telling you? Because of this;

Now isn’t that just marvellous? It’s much nicer than your average ‘we have moved’ sign. On the old front door, there’s a print out that accompanies these huge window displays that reads “Look behind you!!!! SURPRISE!”. It’s a great piece of advertising, because the store has literally moved across the street. It’s in the exact same position, just over the other side of the road, in the main part of the Arndale. Sometimes visual merchandisers just get it right. It’s a once in a lifetime piece of advertising, in the same way that the remake of Omen was released on 6/6/06. Schuh will never be able to top that, and it’s quite upsetting if you think about it. This is a great example because it genuinely makes me smile. I’m a sucker for bad jokes (Why didn’t the skeleton go to the party? Because he had no body to go with), and this sort of anti-humour made me giggle all the way up market street.

Touché Schuh. Touché

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