Gemma Critchley: Love thy neighbour

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I’m watching Love Thy Neighbour, where people compete to win a cottage in the rural North Yorkshire Village of Grassington. The main premise of it is that people pimp themselves out to a set of bigoted stick-in-the-muds and then everyone votes for who they want to stay. Most sentences start “I don’t like to judge, BUT…” which makes me want to scream. But it got me thinking, if I could choose my neighbours, who would they be?

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Ideally, I’d love for all of my friends to live round the corner from each other, like at Uni. I’d also like my family to be a bit closer, although they’re not that far away at the moment (about an hour away). I honestly don’t know. As someone who has moved house around 15 times (lost count), I’ve always looked forward to meeting and getting on with my new neighbours. This rarely happens as I think people just don’t talk to each other that much anymore, which is a real shame. I always make an effort to go round and say hello, invite neighbours to parties and stuff but it never seems to go down too well. There were a couple of neighbours that I had who were brilliant, for example the chaps next door when I lived at 109 in Sheffield were great, and everyone on the street I grew up on was lovely.

I’d ideally like to live somewhere where neighbours became friends, rather than just people you nod at in the corridor. I’m going to make more effort to make this happen.

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