Keith, G6NHU: Days 64, 65 and 66 – Three very busy days

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Day #64 dawned and with it the fact that it was a Saturday morning with contests throughout the day on both HF and 144MHz.

Before I did any contest operating though I had two PSK31 QSOs on 40m with DC2QT, Heinrich in Germany and G6UWK, Jon who is in Manningtree, about ten miles away from me.  Then I changed to 20m JT65 and worked YO2BCT and EA1YV in Romania and Spain respectively.

At 14:00, the RSGB March 144 432MHz started and I’d planned to operate for the full 24 hours using my special short contest callsign of G4T.  Unfortunately, although the band was open I found the going quite slow and after nearly six hours I’d only managed 60 QSOs so I called it a day and finished, changing my entry to be in the 6S section.  Later in the evening I returned to the wireless and gave away a few points using my own callsign.  I managed to work a new country and a new square on 144MHz, the Czech Republic and JN69.  With my own callsign I worked 17 stations with an average distance of 351km and my best DX was OK1XFJ at 821km.

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