Ciaran Watkins – And They All Go Hand In Hand…

Posted on March 11, 2011 by


I dropped upwards of £170 on concert tickets today. I’d be upset, but I’ve realised it’s going to be the best weekend pretty much ever. On June 11th and 12th I’ll be heading to Parklife in Platt Fields park in Manchester. Amazingly, Parklife is a festival on my door step. Granted, I won’t be as close to the park as last year when I literally crossed the road to go home, but it’s still closer than a trip to Leeds. The line up is a mixture of electro, dance, hip-hop and indie. Take a look for yourself.

It’s going to fucking SLAY EVERYTHING.

I only have one gripe. There will be a four way headliner clash. Who on earth do I go and watch?! Dj Shadow, 2ManyDJs, Mystery Jets or Grandmaster Flash! Four absolute favourites of mine, and four groups/people I’d gnaw my right arm off to watch. It’s okay though, as I have exactly ninety two days to decide. Here’s a mix that will get you in the mood for the Parklife festival if you intend to come. I’ll be there, and you should be too.

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