Gemma Critchley: Recipe for a perfect Saturday morning

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Today I’m going to share with you my secret recipe for a lovely Saturday morning:

recipe for a lovely Saturday morning

1. Do not set an alarm on Friday night

2. Pre-heat bed to 20°c (temperature can vary, consider adding a hot water bottle for extra cosiness or opening the window if you’re too warm)

2. Wake up at your own leisurely pace, preferably to sunshine streaming through the windows

3. Get someone to make you a cup of tea in bed. Add music to taste.

4. Also get said someone to go out and pick up:

4a.) Copy of the Saturday Guardian

4b.) Bagels from Bagel Nash (preferably the New Yorker)

5. Have said paper and bagel delivered to you in bed

6. Add more tea until full. Coffee may be used as an alternative if preferred

6. Languish in your leisurely state for around 2 hours or until you feel sufficiently rested and ready to get up and go to the gym


Et voila! There you have it, the perfect Saturday morning. Take self out of bed, tip out into shower and then decorate as desired. Goes well with Saturday Afternoons and Saturday Nights. Recipe can also be adapted to suit Sunday mornings, simply add a copy of the Observer in place of the Saturday Guardian and substitute bagel for scrambled eggs on toast.

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