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Sometimes I wonder if I’m drifting further and further away from advertising with every post I don’t dedicate to it.

Sometimes this blog feels more like a hindrance than a pleasure to be partaking in.

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with an original idea for a post at half eleven at night, when the only thing you want to do is sleep.

Sometimes I wish I’d never started the escapade, or that I’d given up early on like last years ‘A Tweet A Day’ fad.

Sometimes I think I’m not cut out for anything that I thought I was.

Sometimes all I want to post is a one word sentence which sums up my day, like ‘shittest bowler ever’, or ‘this ad rocks’, but then I realise I’d be no better than a thirteen year old me, whining about his perfect life.

Sometimes I’ll remember that I started this blog to help me write, and to inspire me to engage with people.

Sometimes I’ll find the smallest thing that inspires a post I’m really proud of, and in turn that will keep me ticking over for the entire week.

Sometimes I’ll feel the entry I’ve added makes a mockery of my ‘system’.

Sometimes I know that I only have myself to answer for, as there are no specific guidelines and I only have my own authoritative rule to break.

Sometimes I’ll make an entry entirely about myself, knowing that most times it makes for boring reading.

Sometimes I’ll be happy with what I’ve done,

Sometimes I won’t.

Sometimes I can’t wait to write my entries and share things I’ve found, with people who may have never seen them before.

Sometimes there will be last minute entries, thrown together without a care in the world.

Sometimes they’ll be meticulously planned with every word choreographed to it’s perfect position.

Sometimes I think about giving up,

but only sometimes.

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