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No retro review this week folks, theres no real reason other than that I’ve not actually played much at all this week nevermind anything from my back catalogue of games. It’s not even as if I’ve been particularly busy unlike last week when I got back into Monster Hunter Tri (which I’ve barely touched this week) and watched nearly the whole 1st gig of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Retro Review should return next week though.

I’m also reluctant to discuss events in Japan right now, luckily I don’t really know anybody out there, but the whole thing is incredibly saddening and it looks as if the country cannot catch a break at the moment with constant Quakes (they’re predicting another big one within the next 3 days) the tidal waves, the issues with the nuclear power stations and Volcano’s seemingly waking up. Its highly ridiculous and a god fearing person would probably question if Japan has done something to anger a particular deity, I’m not a god fearing person, I’m not even sure I’m a god believing person, but I do find the sheer destruction that this Earth can produce staggeringly frightening and awe inspiring both at the same time.

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