Blog Spotlight – Week 10

Posted on March 14, 2011 by


This week’s Spotlight carries with it a tinge of sadness as it refers to a blog which appears to be defunct… but perhaps through the power of public outcry and perhaps a bit of hassling on Twitter, we might just be able to convince Marcus Alcock, aka @PyramidFace, to resurrect his blog, Blatant Doom Trip.

Alcock said a tearful farewell to his fans last week on the 8th of March, citing irreconcilable differences with one Christopher Rigby, 23, of Penrith as the reason, claiming that Rigby had branded Blatant Doom Trip’s content “offensive” and “libellous”.

Alcock responded to Rigby’s claims with the admission that “Daily Blog #006: Hats” and “Daily Blog #016: Sockets” may have gone “too far”, but wished to make it clear that he was “deeply sorry” and that he “never wished to hurt another human being for they are the most beautiful creatures on the planet”.

Alcock may have left the building (for now, at least), but Blatant Doom Trip stands as a potent reminder of the power of his work. Go. Read. Enjoy.