Picks of the Week: Week 10

Posted on March 14, 2011 by


10 weeks! Good going, everyone. Only 42 more to go. When you put it that way… well, it still sounds like quite a long way, I guess, but now we’re partway through March, the third month out of 12, and people are still going strong. Here’s a few picks from this week’s entries.

Mark Fraser’s wonderfully sensual poem “A Prelude to Nothing” is highly evocative and paints quite a picture in one’s mind.

Michelle Lasley’s great post on food is worth a read, particularly for anyone fed up with people who overanalyse the things we eat like they’re works of art rather than things that taste good.

Talking of food, Gareth Hedges’ post on his “good food weekend” is enough to get the mouth watering and the taste-buds tingling. Plus he has a fancy new site design thanks to his girlfriend. You should totally go and see it. (The site. Not his girlfriend.)

Several bloggers have been taking part in a “143-word challenge”, which Sinan Kubba explains right here. The last week has seen excellent contributions from Sinan and Marco Fiori, along with a few other people from around the Interwebs.

One of our number, the delicious and fragrant @ViralNinja, enjoyed my blog on whether or not “traditional writing” as a concept is dead, so here it is.

Pick of the Week this week, though, goes to CampfireBurning’s post about his “issues”—issues which many people may well be able to relate to. Campfire’s posts are always well-written, often amusing and regularly thought-provoking, and this one is no exception.

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