Mandy Clark: Do These Suit Me ?

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I started wearing glasses for reading a few years ago,anyway today it was my 2yr check-up.I knew that my vision for close up had grown steadily worse in those 2yrs as i was having trouble seeing the text when sending mobile messages also reading the small print on packets when shopping, just all small print in general really.For a while ive been in denial so much so that i leave my glasses at home(in the hope that if i dont use them as much my sight will somehow improve all by itself)this usually leads to me asking my partner if i can borrow his to read anything whilst we,re out.

So off we went this morning for my appointment,and yes it turns out they are worse but within the expected range for the length of time since last check-up,long vision is superb so thats good 😀 I was given my prescription and off i went to choose some new shiney glasses.

Well i know it,s nice to have a choice but i was,nt really prepared for just how much choice ..have you been to the opticians lately? i,m sure there was,nt such a big range last time i went.Anyway i zoomed in on the ones that caugh my eye fancy ones of course,then i spotted some more i liked before i knew it i had a handfull of glasses and i could,nt make up my mind 😦 my partner helped me narrow it down to about 3 pairs but i was taking so long he just wanted to go which really was,nt helping.Suddenly a voice behind me said “we have to close in a minute’ i started laughing and said i,m sorry but there,s just too many to choose from.With that he came over to assist i,m pleased to say that with his help i eventually made my choice,so anyone out there with an eye test coming up be warned if you need glasses due too the huge choice  range  it may not be as easy as you though it would be,as i discovered myself today..


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