AliciaBlogs: Day 1: Arrive in Philadelphia, PA and Visit Atlantic City, NJ

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March 10th was the start of our Road Trip Adventure, yay! We decided to be crazy and take a flight at 5:50am that will arrive in Philly at 1:50pm. So that meant getting up at 3am so we could shower, get ready, and drive to the airport. The flight went really well but since it was raining pretty hard in Philly with high winds, we couldn’t land on our first attempt. But the pilot was able to land on his second attempt. We were super excited, especially since it was raining and gloomy weather. Us Tucsonans, don’t get to see that often! One of our best friends Bobby (who we were buying the truck from) picked us up and took us back to his place to drop our stuff off. We decided to spend our first and second day of our trip in Philly since there is a lot to see and we wanted to spend some time with Bobby since we don’t get to see him often. We let him take the reins and show us parts of Philly he liked since we were pretty clueless when it came to the East Coast.

Reading Terminal Market

He first took us to Reading Terminal Market which is the most amazing place ever to a foodie. I wanted to grab a sleeping bag and just live there. It has everything you could ever imagine, fresh produce, fresh fish and meat, Amish food, local, shopping, and more. I was in heaven and basically a kid released in a candy store. I couldn’t even figure out what I wanted to eat because I wanted everything. Here are some pictures to tease you, just imagine what you see on here, but on steroids.




Look how huge those shrimp are on the bottom right hand corner compared to the shrimp it’s left, whoa.


Amish Bread Pudding

The Orginal Turkey

I had lunch from The Original Turkey that Bobby recommended, decided on something light since we were going out to (click here to continue reading)

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