AliciaBlogs: Day 2: Penrose Diner, The Franklin Institute, and Rocky Steps

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March 11th was our full day in Philadelphia. We were really excited to see more of Philly and started the day off eating breakfast at the Penrose Diner.

Penrose Diner Menu

They had so many items on their menu so it was really hard to pick. But I decided to get a Spinach and Cheese Omelet with Hash browns and Jose got their Waffle.

Spinach and cheese omelet with hash browns

I guess that diner is now pretty famous since Bill Clinton visited them back in 2008. Bobby was telling me that they are also well known because they are a real authentic Philly diner.

Next we decided to head into the town which was super busy since their was a Flower Convention going on. So we decided to park near the Art Museum since that was in the middle of food and the Franklin Institute. That was also the home of the famous Rocky Steps!

Art Museum

We took a look at the fountain in front of the Art Museum, anyone know the name of t? It was very pretty and detailed but didn’t have any water in it for some reason. I’m guessing it was because it was cold and it could freeze. We climbed in to take some pictures, and got (click here to continue reading)




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