Keith, G6NHU: QRSS – I was right, 40m is better than 30m

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I posted an entry to this blog a couple of days ago about my 40m QRSS transmitter which I left online that night. I wasn’t grabbed by anyone and so I planned to have it running during the weekends because I was advised that W4HBK’s Pensacola Snapper generally switches to 40m on Friday nights.

I switched it all on at around 21:30 last night and after a while decided to see if I could check the frequency to make sure I was in the right place so I fired up the FT-847 with no aerial connected and tuned to the bottom end of the 40m band.

I could hear myself nice and strong on what sounded like approximately the right frequency but something didn’t sound right, I could hear the variation in tones as the keying circuit did what it was supposed to do but it certainly wasn’t QRSS Morse, it sounded more like 12WPM to me.

Then I realised what had happened. When I built the board, I didn’t fit a link to set the keyer speed and so it had defaulted to 12WPM. *oops*

A quick and careful disassemble of the unit from the box ensued, I fitted the appropriate link and put it all back together, switched it on and listened to the tones – Perfect.

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