Keith, G6NHU: Days 76, 77 and 78 – DXCCs everywhere

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Days #76 started off just after midnight. Now I appreciate that one day always follows the previous but in the case of day #76 it started on the wireless at 00:05 when I worked OX3XR, Peter in Greenland on 40m JT65 for a new DXCC. That was followed by VE3ZUP in Canada on the same band and mode.

I was still at home during the day so once I’d been to bed, slept poorly and then arisen later, I worked RX3DQX, Vladimir on 20m followed by NM1J, AB0DI, RX3AKA, OE1BHS and EB3JT all on 20m JT65. I made a note in my log that Yuri, RX6AKA has a great tattoo which you can see on his page.

On day #77 I was back at work although I really wasn’t in a fit state to be there so I left and came home early. In the evening I had three QSOs on JT65, the first was with IW5ALG, Gianni on 40m and then I worked UX3IV, Nick followed by VK6BN again on 40m. This time I took a screengrab of my QSO with Alan and you can see it below.

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