Blog Spotlight – Week 11

Posted on March 21, 2011 by


This week it’s the turn of Slick Nick’s blog, Pop Peelings, which in Nick’s own words “remembers old music and movies and does a disservice to them both”.

Pop Peelings is notable for its relentless (and genuinely amusing) cynicism, particularly when it comes to albums and movies that were inexplicably popular but actually completely terrible. Nick has a talent for tearing things to shreds in a comedic, entertaining manner whilst never leaping right over the edge into full-on blind rage and vitriol.

Also notable is the range of CV Tips, based on some of the howlers put into CVs that Nick has received in his day job. Good advice for everyone can be found amongst them, so those of you seeking employment should take care not to fall into any of the (frequently hilarious) traps that Nick’s prospective employees have found themselves floundering in.

Nick also posts his daily schedule at the start of each week, so you can see at a glance what to expect from his blog. The variety of styles and topics covered keep his work consistently entertaining, so if you want to crack a smile this week, be sure to pay Pop Peelings a visit.