Picks of the Week: Week 11

Posted on March 21, 2011 by


Week 11 and we’re nearly through March. Spring is coming, the sun is starting to shine (in certain places where it hasn’t already been shining all winter, of course) and the grey misery of the early part of the year is slowly beginning to shift.

Those of you into arts and crafts may be interested in Catherine “Catmoo” Woolley’s delving into the world of crochet. By the time you read this, there may well be a completed ChuChu ready for you to admire. In the meantime, check out a work-in-progress.

Keith G6NHU, our resident amateur radio operator, has been picking up some press attention for his bold attempts to make contact with people around the world every day—so congratulations to you, Keith, and we hope your own personal project continues to go well.

Those struggling to find inspiration would do well to check out Mark Fraser’s post on the creative process, a fascinating (and useful) read.

Michelle Lasley’s post on introducing religion and spirituality to her children is both an interesting read and a nice counterpoint to the atheism posts we had a few weeks back.

Mitu Khandaker is a sporadic contributor—justifiably so due to her busy workload and jetsetting around the world—but her posts are always an excellent read. This one, on GDC, arcologies and cities, is a particularly interesting one.

And talking of cities, Omar J Peters’ blog remains a consistently interesting look at cities, architecture and communities. This post on a particularly impressive-looking residential building in New York is a highlight from the last week.

This week’s Pick, though, is an eye-opening biology lesson from our very own Mr Alex Cronk-Young, educating us all as to the reasons why Deer Are Morons. It’s true, they really are, as anyone who has ever driven down a country lane at night will know, but you might find something out about opossums you didn’t know, too.