Ciaran Watkins – Sexy Second Sells

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On the way home from work I noticed a lovely little billboard that made my long, arduous journey home a much saner half hour. It happened to be showcasing a brilliant little ad from Renault. It’s a cheeky little number, reusing and rewording the classic ‘sex sells’ moniker to link to the speed of the lowering roof in the new Renault Roadster. I do hope it’s the fastest lowering roof, because unlike in sex, it’s literally all about the quick ‘secs’ in this game.

A billboard that’s worthy of applause, and definitely worthy of a smile. It’s nice and simple, with a killer tag line selling an obvious USP. It’s one of those lines that I wish I’d have the underlying wit to produce; “Hey, our roof lowers pretty fast”, “Only twelve seconds!”, “That’s about as long as you last in sex, weyoooo”, “sex in secs, it’s my pattented manuvere!'”, “Wait, I’ve got it. ‘Secs sells’!”, “Howard, you’ve done it again!”… These days are oouuurrrsss, my happy days! I wish Tom were still in Manchester, as he’d be the only one to understand that joke. Any way, Well done to the team involved, and while I can’t credit you, at least you know that my heart is in the right place.

Thanks for a cracking billboard. Thillboard.

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