Jacob Barker: And so it begins again…

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I’ve been away from this game far too long. I’ve not blogged in month(s) and yet I have yearned for it.

I return.

Not to triumphant and epic fanfare. Oh no.

But to a quiet whisper of.. ‘who the fuck are you anyway?’

It’s easy to feel insignificant in the blogosphere. I’m sure the numbers of blogs and blog posts out there make all but the vast, endless quantities of stars out there (points upwards-ish, out of train window) seem small.

But to me? I’m everything. And until you rationalise that you are everything first, I’m not sure you can fully accept someone else is something or anything at all.

Cryptic, yes. Bullshit…maybe.

Some may know (though of course whether you care is entirely your own) that I am newly single.

And what have I done? All that good men do when in a personal crisis.

Play computer games, drink more beer than normal, and indulge in philosophy-lite.

I’m also room-hunting. Something arguably more productive than any above. I’ve not done it in a little while now (c. 2 years) but it’s got no less stressful. I already hate it.

I’ve seen one so far.

Was in Grove Park. Now I will apologise if anyone reading this is from Grove Park or likes the area. But it’s awful.

Greeted at the station exit by a boarded up pub, and a shop parade with only half the lots being used as shops. The other half presumably being cultivated by Alan Sugar for his more primitive electronic boardings – posters.

The room itself was a good size. Ensuite too. House was big but dated and needed some TLC. All seemed to treat like student digs.

Not for me.

I’m now pursuing other lines of enquiry. I’ll update when I know more…


Oh yeah, these are my half eaten tube of Prawn Cocktail Pringles. I was trying to make myself feel better (read: fatter).

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