Psymonkee’s 30 Days of Gaming Part 24

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Day 24 – Favourite classic game

Oof! Classic game? First define classic! Is there a cutoff in terms of age – say 10 years? Or is it games on systems up to and including perhaps the Mega Drive/SNES era of consoles?

Thinking about it I’m almost certain it has to be an age thing since the PC has seen it’s fair share of quality titles that the current generation would baulk at due to it not having shiny enough graphics.

Having said all that some what disclaimery type bullshit I already have my classic game in mind and it’s a Mega Drive title. A game that was equal parts funny & hilarious with a hint of frustration thrown in towards the end just to make it tough. The game:

Man that was an AWESOME game!

Two aliens from the planet Funkatron (oh yeah!) who crash land on Earth only to discover that the parts to their ship have scattered everywhere! You have to guide them round the levels avoiding the enemies (those pesky humans!) and the natural hazards such as sandstorms and chickens with tomato cannons.

Wait wtf!? Chickens with cannons?!

Yeah Toejam and Earl was pretty damn random and definitely one of the oddest games I’ve ever played. Mind if your reading this blog (hey 3 people!) then you probably know all this already! Just for those who don’t here’s more mumbling about the game!

For those worried about just running a gauntlet of scary humans one after another there were some neutral and a few friendly residents of Earth to help our alien friends out on their mission. There were also lots of collectable items in the form of presents from massive to tiny. Size bore no relation to the gift inside though.

What sort of presents I hear you ask? Well truth be told when you start the game you have no idea as every present is randomised but as you open each type you get the name on the next one. The gifts inside were all sorts of awesome most of the time though.

Some of the presents you could get were:

  • Food
  • Tomatoes/Slingshot
  • Super Hi Tops
  • Icarus Wings
  • Innertubes
  • Rocket Skates
  • Extra Life

All fairly self explanatory right? But what do you need some of them for?! Hi Tops to run fast of course but things like the Rocket Skates and Icarus wings let you cross vast bodies of water in safety. You could swim of course but that would use up so many of your precious lives!

Yep even a game that is 20 years old this year had swimming in it which makes some of the modern games seem completely shameful for over looking it. Still being 2 funky aliens wasn’t always fun as there were some bad presents too:

  • Rain Cloud
  • Tomato Rain
  • Earthling
  • Total Bummer
  • Randomiser

Again fairly self explanatory with the exception of the last two. The former drains all your life and kills you whilst the randomiser scrambles all the presents you’ve identified making your life stupidly hard all over again!

This game has so much to talk about and honestly few bad points that I can think of at all. Before I just write what could easily become a disjointed multi thousand word piece praising the game I’ll bring this to a close instead.

This game had so much going for it and should be played by everyone as to be honest it is probably one of my top 10 games ever. Ever! It even had a really solid co-op thing going for it and a randomised game mode so no 2 games would ever be the same.

Seriously that’s it – I’m stopping now before this really gets out of control!

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