Gemma Critchley: Agalmatophilia

Posted on March 25, 2011 by


One of my favourite people in the world is about to turn 30 soon. I think the number is of very little significance to the both of us, but the subject of his birthday party is of major significance to him, or at least it must be, considering he has deemed it fit for his guests to be dressed this way.

The theme is ‘fetish’.

After much careful consideration, I’ve chosen Agalmatophilia as my fetish. I’m not really one for fetishes or obsessions, I rather quite like normality. So Agalmatophilia seemed quite tame at the time of choosing. You know, statues, beauty, art, that kind of thing. But now I need an outfit.

Your suggestions, please. Doesn’t have to be Agalmatophilia. Fetishes of all description welcome. I just need inspiration. Keep it clean, my little sister is my plus one!

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