Darren Tunstall: There Wasn’t Any Pain

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Sometimes my wife surprises me. I mean, I should say, she often surprises me, obviously, in a nice way, of course (I’ll stop digging now), but every now and then she’ll buy me a little present. Something she knows I’ll like, but wouldn’t necessarily think to buy myself. Often this little present is something useful, like a new shirt or a pack of socks. And sometimes this little present is a CD. She’s bought me a few over the years, and she knows me so well that most of them have become firm favourites. Is this because of the intrinsic quality of the music itself, or how well it matches up with my own tastes, or because it’s such a lovely and thoughtful gift from someone I love? It’s probably a mix of all three, and that’s fine for me. It’s definitely not the case that buying it for me is a handy way of getting a CD she wants to hear and some Brownie points at the same time, in a perfect kind of having-your-cake-and-eating-it scenario. Definitely not. (I’ll stop digging now.)

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