DreamPunk: So many things went missing that day

Posted on March 26, 2011 by


A few weeks ago I met someone who was interested in doing a collaborative photo project. We met at a mostly deserted train station and took photos of things that interested us. My idea was that we’d look at what we had shot and a narrative would unfold.

We emailed each other our photos. I hadn’t noticed the poster until I saw it in one of her photos. The train station was desolate, saturated with a sense of lost potential. This plea for not simply a lost parrot, but for the lost man who found the lost parrot, found here in this lost train station, inspired an idea of this nexus of missing things.

I created this image and sent it to her with the opening line “So many things went missing that day,” hoping she would continue the story with a photo and line of her own. Alas, she did not.

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