Keith, G6NHU: Days 82, 83 and 84 – 80m was better this month and I worked Cape Verde

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I blogged a couple of days ago about my displeasure with the behaviour of a particular station who was calling D44AC in Cape Verde on 10m. I gave up trying to get through the pileup on day #82 and a little later I switched to 15m. There was D44AC calling CQ on 15m with very few stations calling him so I called and worked Carlos on my second shout. I said in my previous blog that the DX will always be there again and in this case I only had to wait a short while to work Cape Verde, a new DXCC.

Afte that I had a QSO with Oliver, CT9/DL9OLI on the Madeira Islands when I was running just 10 watts then I switched to 40m and worked HB9TWY, Yan followed by a JT65 contact with S57YX. Later I had a tune around 80m and heard GX3ZME, Simon at the Telford and District Amateur Radio Society calling CQ so I replied and we had a quick QSO followed by 2E0LYO, Barry in Carlisle on the same band. Before I turned in for the night I had another shout on JT65 and worked EA3FHP, Josep and then MX0HTJ, the club callsign for the HamTests group operated by Paul, M0TZO. This was the first outing of their new “Ham Tests Jimmys” callsign and I’m pleased to have been the first station in their log. HamTests are great, the website is absolutely invaluable in amateur radio training and they helped my son through his Foundation exam last year.

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