AliciaBlogs: Day 3: Lebanon and Hershey Pennsylvania

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Hey everyone! So sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a while with details of our trip. I have been very sick with the flu the past week, but I’m doing better now. Thanks so much for your patience!

Our third day marked the first day of travel heading back home and we also stopped at Lebanon, PA where my whole family is originally from (My brother and I are the first generation born in Tucson) and went to the chocolate capital Hershey. To start the day off right, we had breakfast at the Silver Diner. This place was so tasty and uses local ingredients in their food. I really wish they would open up a place here in AZ but so far they are just in NJ, Maryland, and Virginia. Since we were still on vacation, we went all out. I swear I must’ve gained like 10 pounds from this trip.

Milkshake to start breakfast? I think so.

I had the Veggie Scrambler with Pancakes and Strawberries. Yes, it tasted as good as it looks.

Jose had an Omelet with Potatoes.

I truly loved this place. I loved how it had the old diner feel but focused on supporting local businesses and ingredients. Definitely will be searching this place out again next time I return to the east coast. After we were stuffed, we said goodbye to Bobby and hit the road!

They had these geese everywhere in PA and NJ. This was pretty amazing for someone like me who never see these in the open. I’ve only really seen geese in the zoo. So I was quite excited every time I saw them and made Jose and Bobby drive me around so I can (click here to continue reading)

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