Ciaran Watkins – A Video Speaks A Thousand Pictures… Or Something.

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Have you ever played a multiplayer game and then been able to watch it back from another’s perspective? I of course mean a video game, rather than a team sport as the method of viewing opponent’s matches is common place. In video games however? Yeah, I thought not. Amazingly I had the chance to watch a great game back from the viewpoint of the opposing team. It’s not much to you guys, but I had fun watching, and I picked up a few pointers along the way. Here it is for your enjoyment. I was playing as Ceelions.

Three car alarms. That’s me all right! I wish I could do this with every match, and learn valuable tips from better players. All these guys have 300 hours+ in Left For Dead 2, and I think I’m barely scraping 80. One day I’ll be just as good. This ability to record demos and then watch them back is a stroke of genius, but the UI could be a lot better. Take for example the new Steam screen shot application. Basically, this allows you to hit a key and a screen shot will be taken. This can then be uploaded and is immediately associated with your Steam profile, rather than having to trawl through the depths of your PC to find a ‘print screen’, edit it, and then finally upload it. If the ability to record video was this easy, then I’m sure a lot more people would be sharing their great conquests.

Obviously Youtube would be awash with ‘LOL I PWN U’ videos, but equally, there would be an abundance of great players sharing tips and hints alike. That can only be a good thing when you start to talk about competitive team based games like Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress. For now, we’ll have to settle with the work a few individuals are doing. Recording demos through the console, and then editing and uploading them to Youtube. Hopefully Valve will implement something like this, but until then, I’ll be watching myself set off three car alarms in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, and wondering why the hell I’d do something so stupid.

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