Blog Spotlight – Week 12

Posted on March 28, 2011 by


It’s been a while since we featured a non-writing site for our Spotlight blog of the week, so this week it’s the turn of Charlotte Reid’s photoblog.

Pictures tell many stories. To strangers, a picture can simply be something nice to look at and enjoy, but for people who know the photographer, or the people in the photograph? Meanings can run much deeper. To have a photographic record of every day for a whole year is a powerful way of creating memories even from things which might seem mundane at the time.

Charlotte’s photoblog isn’t necessarily an attempt to be overly artistic or even to better her own photography skills. What it is, though, is a collection of eye-catching shots featuring some interesting subjects and a lot of Sackboys. It’s her way of taking more photos and contributing to the whole #oneaday thing whilst being able to work around her busy life where she doesn’t necessarily have time to write something every day.

So pay her blog a visit, admire her photos and see what you can learn about her from the pictures she’s taken.