Gemma Critchley: Fight for your write to… Erm, write.

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Today when I got in from work, I started writing and I didn’t stop. I wrote over 6,000 words on the story I had abandoned 148 days ago. I don’t know where this surge of inspiration came from, but at some point today I just had that feeling that I needed to change something, needed to make something happen.

fight for the right to write creativity writer's block

And I don’t mean in the way that people fight for things and crusade for them, although I have a certain respect for certain groups of people who do that. I think my realisation came from the idea that so many people push themselves so hard to achieve so much that they spread themselves too thin. Or they push themselves for the wrong reasons. For a long time I’d been pushing myself to be high-brow, to be clever, to edit as I wrote, and today I just thought:

Sod it.

I’m just going to sit and write the way that I sit and read. All-encompassing. Devour the words. Bang it all out before I’ve even got a chance to read it or think about it, let alone re-read or edit it. I’d like to share some of it here on the blog and get some feedback, but I really want to make a proper go at it before I start hacking it up or changing bits. So, we have a whole year on this blog. I’m hoping at some point to use it to post the story that I’m writing. But for now, blog entries may be a bit more succinct as I take full advantage of this lift on writer’s block.

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