Keith, G6NHU:Days 85, 86 and 87 – CQ WPX and more DXCCs than you can shake a stick at

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I was awake at midnight on day #85 as I’d been working a few stations just before in the build up to the CQ World-Wide WPX Contest which is one of the big HF contests of the year.  I had no real plan for the contest, just to give away a few points and hopefully work some new DXCC entities.

I certainly gave away a few points and I definitely worked some new DXCC entities.  I’m going to post the details for days #85 and #86 together because it’s simpler for me to do it like that.

I had 93 contest QSOs spread over the two days which really isn’t a lot compared to the big stations but I wasn’t on for the entire 48 hours and was picking and choosing who I worked.  Those 93 QSOs included 30 separate DXCC entities of which 10 of them were new.  I had a couple of contacts on 40m but the rest were all on 15m and 10m.  As is normal for my contest QSOs, I’m just going to list bands and callsigns with the new DXCC highlighted.


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