Mark Fraser: Day Ninety – On Saturn

Posted on March 31, 2011 by


Today I have had some more poetry published in From Glasgow to Saturn.

Some of the other contributions are pretty great, so it feels good to be considered alongside others who are clearly very talented (much more so than I).

But in the same sense it’s slightly disheartening. Even though it’s boosted my confidence as a writer, I still feel as though I have rather a long way to go. In the space of ninety days I’ve written rather a lot of poetry but I still, to my eyes, don’t feel as though I’ve written proper poetry. There’s more to come, I think.

Maybe I’ll become one of the best one day.

Or maybe not.

All I do know is that you ain’t seen nothing yet. When I get down to writing longer, better crafted, more condensed poetry I think things will really change.

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