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My phone is something I’ll always carry with me. I feel lost without it, and that should definitely be seen as a problem. Luckily for me, I’m quite good at keeping tabs on where the damn thing is, and having it with me at all time, is a crutch I’ll find hard to get rid of. You see, my phone has everything I’ll ever need. For starters it makes phone calls, sends text messages, and browses the internet. That means I can ring my girlfriend to find out what I’m having for tea, text my best friend to find out when it’s beer ‘o’clock, and then check up on my video games news on Eurogamer. That’s all well and good, but most importantly, my magical wondrous phone, takes pictures.

Granted, it’ll never beat either of my SLRs, but it’s been used far much more than my little Canon compact, and that’s purely because it’s always in my front right pocket. I didn’t buy this particular phone for the camera, but after looking through almost one thousand images I’ve taken with the damn thing (in less than a year might I add), I realise I come to rely on it for picture taking abilities far more than I actually think I do. It’s strange really, for someone who has so many ways to capture an image, I choose to use the lowest quality device, purely because it’s there.

The budding photographers out there may complain that using a camera just isn’t the same as using an SLR, and while I agree with you, I have always been a student of the idea that it doesn’t matter what you use to take a picture, if you’ve got a good eye for composition, you’ll always be in with a winner. Now I am no Jeff Wall, but I know how to frame an image. It comes with fives years plus worth of experience in the field, and while that may make me sound like an arrogant shit, I’m willing to place bets that there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who are better at photography than me.

Thanks to the ever present phone camera, I seem to take pictures of anything that catches my eye. Anything that one day might become useful. Well it’s useful now! With half an hour left of the second of April, I am going to show you lucky lot images that I haven’t shown anyone bar Victoria. Images that I took for fun, and for nothing else. Images I’ve sifted through, and picked the juiciest morsels out of a large vat of average snaps. I hope you enjoy them, as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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