Ciaran Watkins – It’s Literally Still Mother’s Day

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What a subversive title. I’m a genius. Any way, today was of course, Mother’s day. My own Mother completely ruined the secret surprise trip home I had planned by being at a conference in Manchester all day, but I managed to get her to drop by the city centre so I could shower her with gifts and appreciation for generally being the best Mum ever. Soppyness aside, I bought her a bouquet of Tulips, because they should remind her of me, and a little plantable bulb packet with some lillies in. If she wants my present, she’ll have to work for it. Cruel I know!

Now there’s always a slue of adverts trying to make you remember your dear old Ma, but this one managed to hit home so hard it made Victoria weep. That’s right, she wept real physical tears! Not once, but twice. On two completely different occasions. She insisted she didn’t know why, but I can see why, as it’s quite a heart-string pulling advert.

A lovely ad from Wieden+Kennedy, and one that works very well to evoke an emotional response. Our poor old Mums, never the focus, always in the background, kissing our ‘boo-boos’ and making our tea without so much as a thanks. That’s not true, as I always said please and thank you!

Although that advert was all well and lovely, I much preferred the new Moonpig Mother’s Day ad. Unfortunately for you guys, I can’t find it on youtube, so you’ll have to follow the link to watch the damn thing. It’s basically a load of office workers fannying about creating paper clip statues, only to realise that “It’s Mothers Day on Sunday!!!”. Then they all rush off to buy gifts. It’s funny, because we’ve all been there. Right men? Yeah. Bloody gifts and stuff being so hard to remember!

Advertisers will always try to remind you that days like this exist, because you’ll go and spend money on the products they’re advertising you! I don’t know where Mother’s Day originated from, but it certainly seems like a Hallmark holiday, just like Valentines day! Where it came from is not important in the long run though. Today should have been a day where we all get to say ‘Thanks Mum, for being pretty damn awesome. I love you, and here is a little gift to show you that’. Again, we shouldn’t need a day to make us do that as it should be going on all year round, but it can be hard to tell your Mum that you love them. It’s always a little awkward, but Mother’s Day helps you half way there. All you need to do is remember to buy a bloody card. If you haven’t remembered, you still have about thirty minutes to ring your Ma’ up and tell her that she’s awesome, and that you’re grateful for all of the good she did for you when you were growing up. Go on. What are you waiting for!?

Now then, soppyness aside, tomorrow’s entry will be about trucks, and beer, and boobs, and football. Maybe something about guns as well. Yeah. Guns are bad ass.
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