Keith, G6NHU: Intermediate exam, the community is split. What do you think?

Posted on April 3, 2011 by


I was in the local radio shop yesterday and had a flick through the Intermediate licence training book and one of the sample exam questions jumped out at me.

The question was:

When referring to soldering, the term ‘dry joint’ means:

(a) A form of soldering using dry paste
(b) A good solder joint
(c) A joint that does not conduct current
(d) A poor joint that is likely to fail

Clearly (a) and (b) are both wrong but I couldn’t decide which answer I thought was right. I showed the proprietor of the shop and he couldn’t decide either. We agreed that it’s quite an ambiguous question as both answers could be considered right.

I posted the question on Twitter and I’ve had quite a large response but the replies are split equally between (c) and (d).

So what do you think, is it (c) or (d)?  Mosey over here and post what you think.

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