Blog Spotlight – Week 13

Posted on April 4, 2011 by


There’s a lot of gamers amongst us bloggers — the idea of writing lots of things and playing lots of games seems to go hand in hand. Everyone has their own interests and focuses, too, and the world of video games is a particularly diverse medium.

Simon Reed, aka Everything But The Kitchen Sink or @EBTKS on Twitter, chooses to focus on retro games, and has explored a wide variety of titles both well-known and obscure via his site, Retro Revisited.

The idea for Simon’s blog came from his growing backlog of retro titles, many of which he picked up for £1 or less at various second-hand shops, jumble sales and tramps selling them on the street. The focus of posting something every day has encouraged him to explore these titles and determine whether they’re still worth checking out for a modern audience, or only fit as collectors’ items to gather dust in your attic.

So if you’re a gamer of a certain age, check out Retro Revisited. You may just see some of your favourite titles under the microscope. And if nothing else, you can appreciate the incredible daily puns the man comes out with on Twitter.